You decide to check in with your neighbor. Why don't you keep her company until her partner comes home?

(Please play with audio on)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorsJosiah Purtlebaugh, Cerenios, Craigedycraig
Made withUnity
TagsCozy, grandma-simulator, Point & Click, rainbow-jam, rainbow-jam-2019
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 38 MB
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How cute game ❤️ I love it ❤️  Thank you for this game so sweet❤️

10/10 would play again. So sweet

this game is so good❤️❤️❤️ it made me feel warm inside, thank you for making this❤️❤️


i love this game! very cute! 1000/10


Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:


this game made me cry because it reminded me of my dead grama and I wish I had visited her more I just wish I could see her again


A good simple game about visiting grandma. I was kind of expecting there to be some twist but no. Its a more realistic game about spending some time with your loved ones.


We really wanted to create something kind and gentle, so a twist never even came to mind. Thank you for playing!


Aww this was so sweet and cute, I just wish it was longer!!


Aww thank you for playing!


This was such a cute and sweet game! Grandma was charming. Only problem is I wish I could spend more time with her! And let's face it, that's not really a problem at all. I rate it 10 happy trees out of 10.

Thank you kindly! Appreciate all the happy trees :)


very lovely game I love it, it is a great game.

Thank you so much!


What a lovely game! Though I hope if you ever come out with a new version it includes being able to replace the lightbulb... I felt bad not being able to do that when I could feed the cat and water the plants :c

Thank you so much for playing! We wanted to do more, including replacing the lightbulb, but we ran out of time.

Well for what you were able to complete, it was really put-together! Thank YOU for making the game!

I drew a bulb but there was just no time to implement it! :( but thank you so much!!!

That's understandable, then! And you're super welcome... now I've gotta work on something nice for my own grandma!


Make sure you tell your friends and family you love them. As often as you can. Grandmas are special and need to be shown they're loved. So Please, Visit Grandma! No matter if it's just knitting or playing VR! Grandma's are big into pirate love stories too!

Thank you so much for playing and sharing our game!

Hello Sugar! Thanks for playing our game! I'm glad you feed our Bean and took care of granny til Ash got back :) I agree; lifes too short, call your loved ones.


I love this game. I swear to god if someone hurts that grandma someone is going to catch these hands

No one will ever hurt Grandma. Not on our watch. Thank you for playing!

Aw thank you! Grandmas happy to have you taking care of her :)


Hey there, I know it's been awhile but I played this lovely little game back in September but took a break from my channel so only uploaded the footage today. I really loved how wholesome it was and enjoyed it loads (even if I feared the worst!). Thanks for making and sharing it with us all! 

Hello Lucy,

Thank you so much for your kind comments and for sharing our game on your channel. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for playing our game! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking care of our sweet old granny and Beaaaan :) 


Lovely <3

Thank you ^_^


aww what a cute game! its nice to play something thats just about kindness.


We wanted to create a cozy, heart-warming experience. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


this is a very important game that tugs at my heart strings, even the smallest things I do for grandma makes all the difference and I love it

the comfort I feel while playing this makes me very happy, thank you for making me feel this


This comment means a lot, thank you so much! Really happy to hear this. Thank you for playing and taking care of her :) 


this is feel sad and happy at same time the best game i played in my life

Aww, thank you so much!

thanks to you for creating this game



Thank you so much!!

keep it up


I couldn't stop smiling while playing this game. Simple elegance.

Aw, happy it made you smile :) Thank you!!


This was SO cute! I like that even though the game is short you have to play through several times to uncover everything. 

Aww, thank you so much for playing!

Thank you! :) 


It's lovely! I really enjoyed! Congrats

Thanks for your kind words and thank you for playing!

Thanks!! :)