You decide to check in with your neighbor. Why don't you keep her company until her partner comes home?

(Please play with audio on)


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Lovely <3

Thank you ^_^

aww what a cute game! its nice to play something thats just about kindness.


We wanted to create a cozy, heart-warming experience. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

this is a very important game that tugs at my heart strings, even the smallest things I do for grandma makes all the difference and I love it

the comfort I feel while playing this makes me very happy, thank you for making me feel this


This comment means a lot, thank you so much! Really happy to hear this. Thank you for playing and taking care of her :) 


this is feel sad and happy at same time the best game i played in my life

Aww, thank you so much!

thanks to you for creating this game



Thank you so much!!

keep it up


I couldn't stop smiling while playing this game. Simple elegance.

Aw, happy it made you smile :) Thank you!!


This was SO cute! I like that even though the game is short you have to play through several times to uncover everything. 

Aww, thank you so much for playing!

Thank you! :) 


It's lovely! I really enjoyed! Congrats

Thanks for your kind words and thank you for playing!

Thanks!! :)