Oh no, you lost mama! Use your dolphin echolocation to find your way back to her.

Sea creatures will respond to your calls and if you approach them they will give you a hint about which direction to search for Mama. But beware, not all of them will tell you the truth...

This game was created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2021. Some additional time was spent bug-fixing and polishing the graphics, but no major changes were made to the gameplay. This game is quite short and should take only a couple minutes to complete. We hope you like it!

Control the dolphin with the arrow keys. Click the mouse button or press spacebar to use your echolocation. Use the escape key to end the game early.


Mama, Iruka for Windows x64 34 MB
Mama, Iruka for Mac 34 MB
Mama, Iruka for Linux x64 36 MB


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I can't go anywhere the whale won't move/?????

I'm sorry, that's a bug we weren't able to fix during the gamejam 😭

The positions are random so I think reloading should help!


I did exactly that.  And I was able to progress. Cute game.